Escorted Cruises

Ever thought about joining an escorted cruise? What is the benefit from joining a cruise alone? When you join one of Dean’s personally escorted cruises, you are going to have peace of mind knowing all the leg work has been done so all you have to do is basically show up. Dean specializes in designing cruise packages that are geared to people who enjoy being with others who are the active type and see the value of having a professional put it all together.  Size of the group can vary. Shorter cruises that leave from North America tend to be larger. Longer cruises to more exotic places tend to have groups smaller in size. River cruises tend to be less than 20 passengers so it never feels crowded. Below are personally escorted cruises where every single detail is meticulously prepared for you below:


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As a first time cruiser I had no idea what to expect and was a little skeptical about the whole adventure. 8 of us ended up taking that trip together for a 10 day Mediterranean Cruise with 2 extra days in Rome to start. Dean had set up some amazing tours of the all the must see locations. The ship (Holland America Zaandam) AMAZING! It was beautiful. The staff was friendly and efficient. Without the very affordable arrangements Dean had made we may have only gotten to see one or two places but we were able tour all of the top spots. I wasn't ready to go home. I think I could have stayed on the ship for a very long time! I’m definitely going to do it again. Thanks, Susie - Colorado