Five Top Reasons to Visit Europe in 2014

If you have been to Europe in the past or it is your very first time, here are five top reasons to visit in 2014.

My first reason is that Europe has so much to offer with so many historic and interesting cities to experience. London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona are just a few that you could spend several weeks exploring. Each region is different and gives you a different experience. Land based gives you a more in-depth experience but a cruise can also give you a taste so you can personally decide which city you would like to return to, although you might just want to go back to all of them. Perhaps this is one reason river cruising has taken off as people don’t want to be rushed but want to take in all the beauty of these historic cities.

Next is that Europe is still recovering from a major recession and tourism has been down, so prices seem to be stable and not overpriced. This means you should not have to re mortgage your home to do a two-week trip to Europe. Air prices this year are up slightly so my advice is to book sooner than later as I feel prices will only get higher as we get closer to the peak season from June to September.


There are so many options to see Europe and even the person with a tight budget can do it. My feeling is a cruise is probably the most economical way to see Europe since you could do a cruise for less than $100 per day including your food and entertainment depending on the time you travel.


My fourth reason is simply for the amazing food and wine. Italy, France and Spain are my top picks for the foodie and in case you did not know, wine is many times less expensive than water is. Let’s not forget the amazing gelato you will get everywhere.  I always send my clients to GROM for a great all natural ice cream treat when in Rome. I’d return just for the gelato.

Finally, it’s about the people and culture. Most of us in North America come from European roots and there is nothing like tracing back to it and learning more in-depth what makes these countries so unique. You might also understand why you love pasta so much or can’t help kissing people on both cheeks. I love hitting a cute little outdoor cafe and sip on a cappuccino or glass of red wine while people watching.

So, if Europe has been sitting on the back of your mind, perhaps this blog might inspire you to start researching or better yet call your experienced travel professional to help you get started.

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