Sports Vacation Travel

We often hear in the news about cruise vacations and dream destinations but what about sports vacation travel? How popular are destinations where the focus is something like The Super Bowl, The World Cup, Olympics, WTP tennis or Grand Prix racing?

London2012 olympicsMajor cities and governments throughout the globe invest huge sums of money to compete in order to win such big name sporting events to help promote tourism. There is an expectation that they will bring millions of dollars of much needed revenue. Sports vacation travel is on the rise and I am seeing more and more groups of people wanting to travel in order to follow their favourite sport and team.

Maracana-Stadium-Brazil-World-Cup-2014This all sometimes comes at a cost since it can drive up the cost of hotels and flights dramatically. The recent World Cup in Rio de Janeiro was an example where availability and prices for hotels went at ridiculous rates that forced fans to pay huge sums of money in order to take in perhaps a once in a lifetime match featuring their home country. I just wish these event organizers made it more accessible for all to enjoy this and not just those who are willing to get a second mortgage in order to take in a sporting event.

The good news is that there are travel suppliers that focus solely on providing the vacationer access to all sporting events. For a service fee, you can access tickets to any sporting event you like and many times they also combine hotels and transfers so there is no worry or hassle involved. This makes it easy and takes away any fears about fraud and all too good sounding offers advertised on the internet.

grand_prix-monaco-2014So, if you have thought about going to France and staying in Monaco to experience the Grand Prix in person or perhaps a weekend getaway in New York City to personally take in the US Open, these things are all doable but be sure to book well in advance and speak to a travel experience consultant who can match you up with the sports vacation travel of a life time.

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